Quick Update...


Just a quick update here. Since my paid domain has expired recently, I'm switching back to blogger hosting - http://cadramblings.blogspot.com for the time being until I renew my subscription when I'm ready with the new concept / look for this blog.

Some good & bad happenings while I was MIA :

1. Got engaged in November recently.. :)

2. My vi got burglarized - front spotlight and sport rims centre cap got stolen in
in the same month.

3. Girlfriend's car exhaust rear end got smacked on purpose(bingkuk bah)
- suspect the same scums that targeted my vi.

After what had happened, I'm wandering whether these incidents were just random attacks or am I being targeted on purpose. Now I'm feeling insecure wherever I parked my car within the apartment area I'm currently renting. Worst still I'm yet to hear good news about when my new apartment unit is ready to be occupied. The 2 years period has ended early this month, the building has been completed way longer than that, all the facilities look to be in order and yet the developer still giving excuses for the late delivery...WTF. This developer in another kind of scum..only know giving false marketing promises to get people buying the property and didn't keep to their words in the end...Bullshit developer.

Anyway, this post supposed to be just a quick update so I won't be venting my anger and frustration here. Rather than ranting here, I need to take some action regarding this matter asap. I just hope as this year started quite prosperously (with big bonus from my bos),I wish that it would also ends the same...God willing. Amen.


One Cheap Lens but It's a Keeper...


After my recent sale-upgrade, I've been left with only one lens to play with my new Canon 40D body. Well, would have been able to squeeze in the 18-55mm IS kit lens during the buy but somehow maybe my brain was tired of getting mix up feelings again about jumping ship into the Nikon system, I totally missed out on the point that I could get it for only extra RM200 as standard kit package...Damn. The truth is with my initial budget RM3000-4000 (cash), I was aiming for the Nikon D5000 due to its similarities to D90. But then after being poisoned by the shop's taukeh cum so called camera expert (he talked a lot as if he knows everything), I was forced to decide between D90 and 40D. It's a decision between latest very high end entry level Nikon camera and the seasoned semi-pro level Canon camera. I most probably would have straight away chosen the D90(offer RM4100 including freebies) if it wasn't because of my need for a flashgun as well which was totally out of my budget and the pro over entry level body logic finally made me decided to stay with the Canon 40D body (RM3000) plus 4GB CF Extreme memory card (RM150) and a Sunpak P242X (RM600).

Now, if I want to buy the kit lens alone, it would cost me around RM600-700 new...Damn again. But then again, maybe I don't need it anymore. My past experience with the budget lens has thought me what kind of things that I actually need in my arsenal to get the kind of pictures that I want. I want SHARP images and that means better lens. I'm not saying that the budget lens is bad as the pictures coming out from my previous 1000D kit lens were decent enough to my satisfaction in those days. It's only that I think it's natural that as you go deeper into your tools, you'll start discovering and wanting more things eventually.

Enough said on that wasted opportunity buy, let's go back to this one lens that I've bought since my early venture into this DSLR realm and permanently stucked on my new Canon 40D now.Well, at least until I've enough money to fund for new better lens that is.. Hahaha. It's the cheap(RM300 only) Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II prime lens which easily became my favourite lens since day one due its spot on sharp images and really nice bokeh effect when stopped down to f/1.8. Its the lens that made me wanted to explore more into portraiture photography. I can't say enough good things about this lens here and I was more that happy when I stumbled upon this great article summarizing all the wonderful features about this lens. Check it out here guys.

p/s : WOW!!!This lens also can be used for macro photography..2 in 1,it's a real keeper!!!


Faces of Tamparuli kids...


These are just some pictures of local kids that I took during my friend's recent engagement day in Tamparuli. Joining in such a wonderful trip like this one would normally comes back with a wonderful memories. Well, not entirely a smooth sailing journey as we had to cross a river by a hanging bridge (jambatan gantung) then climbing a steep hill on our way to the girl's house. We were already well warned ahead about this feat but thinking that I'm myself used to kampung life, these kinda things wouldn't be a problem. Wrong!!!...I was sweating like hell when we finally reached the girl's house...Hahaha.

It was almost noon time, the sun was shining fiercely as it should be on bright sunny day and there I was... still sweating non-stop outside the house when I spotted these kids gathering nearby a small shed or 'sulap' as i fondly like to call it. They were busy playing with each other when I made my exit and approached them to take some pictures.

The 1st picture was taken spontaneously when I reached them, 2nd picture when I asked them to pose for me and the 3rd picture was taken when I spotted these three budding tanakwagus at the house's balcony on my way back to join the engagement ceremony.

I find that taking pictures of kids is actually fun. What I like the most is their innocent expressions and sometimes candid moments as they tend to get either blurred or erratic when faced with a camera.

p/s: tanakwagu - anak muda in Malays