Quick Update...


Just a quick update here. Since my paid domain has expired recently, I'm switching back to blogger hosting - http://cadramblings.blogspot.com for the time being until I renew my subscription when I'm ready with the new concept / look for this blog.

Some good & bad happenings while I was MIA :

1. Got engaged in November recently.. :)

2. My vi got burglarized - front spotlight and sport rims centre cap got stolen in
in the same month.

3. Girlfriend's car exhaust rear end got smacked on purpose(bingkuk bah)
- suspect the same scums that targeted my vi.

After what had happened, I'm wandering whether these incidents were just random attacks or am I being targeted on purpose. Now I'm feeling insecure wherever I parked my car within the apartment area I'm currently renting. Worst still I'm yet to hear good news about when my new apartment unit is ready to be occupied. The 2 years period has ended early this month, the building has been completed way longer than that, all the facilities look to be in order and yet the developer still giving excuses for the late delivery...WTF. This developer in another kind of scum..only know giving false marketing promises to get people buying the property and didn't keep to their words in the end...Bullshit developer.

Anyway, this post supposed to be just a quick update so I won't be venting my anger and frustration here. Rather than ranting here, I need to take some action regarding this matter asap. I just hope as this year started quite prosperously (with big bonus from my bos),I wish that it would also ends the same...God willing. Amen.


Wel^Beiolman said...

haha..kana rompak..mcm mana jg ni..teda alarm ka..teda ko komplen guard sana ka..ingat suda pindah ruma..adada..ada org inda puas hati ni..huhu..

MadarCh said...

nilaa.. susah jg kalau kreta smart ni..ada ja orng dengki bah ... wakaka

JerryInc said...

yo yo, congrats on your recent engagement :)

MadarCh said...

haha..thank jerry

MadarCh said...

haha..memang ada orang jeles ba ni..cis hahaha

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